Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Celebrate Independence

Tomorrow, we here in the US of A celebrate
236 years of independence as a nation. It
seems to me as good a time as any to also
celebrate 25 year as an independent business
owner & freelance photographer!

The studio will be closed on Wednesday as I travel to
the West Side to enjoy the fireworks and company
of the Fleetwood's crew atop the rooftop of Lahaina's 
newest, soon to open dining establishment. 

What better way to spend a festive evening than
amongst rock & roll royalty, explosives and alcohol?
I'm lining up my designated driver post haste!

In the meantime, work continues unabated on
the new studio space with drywall
already hung, tapers & mud-men busy coating 
seams yesterday & today. Unseasonable summer
rains have given our painter a couple extra days off
as it's been too wet to coat the building exterior.
Gary arrives tomorrow morning, despite the holiday,
to install new gutters beneath the eaves.
Even with the unusual rains, work is pretty
much on schedule and plans are to begin the
move by month's end.

Happy 4th to all. 

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