Thursday, June 28, 2012

Client Awesomeness

I have had the recent luck to work with a couple of
completely awesome clients. All clients have their 
individual awesomeness... after all, they make life
as a photographer possible. There are, however, a 
handful of very notable stand outs... those that 
take the time and effort to acknowledge receipt of
work delivered, take the time to offer comments 
(especially when the comments are glowing feedback 
on said work delivered), clients that you don't have
 to chase for payment 60-90-120 days or more after the 
fact and those that commission you for what you do
in the first place and then actually let you do it.

So.. in the vein of reciprocal acknowledgement, I
add two very recent clients to the Honor Role:

Guillaume Briere 

Art Director of Luxury Brands for the 
SPAFAX Publishing Group based in Montreal. 
G commissioned me to produce a story for one of 
his groups publications recently. He is ACES in the 
exceptional client book. G provides clear direction 
from afar, takes the time to provide feedback when work
is delivered and best of all, makes sure that payment is 
processed and sent in record time. G... if 
you're reading this... I LOVE you! Call anytime! 
I will fill your computer screen with eye-candy
from banal subject matter any day of the week!

Skyline Eco-Adveture Tours

A very new client for me, Skyline operates the
very first zipline course in the USA 
(and maybe the world?). Though the Marketing 
Director is an old friend, I had never 
worked with them until the call came last week
offering me the first opportunity to produce
new advertising images for the company. Lovely 
folks to work with... extremely professional
staff/guides with the overriding
emphasis on safety & fun, they escorted 
us through dense forests of fragrant 
eucalyptus trees, hiking 4000 ft. above
sea level on the slopes of the world's
largest dormant volcano. This company
doesn't just specialize in activities for
thrill-seeking visitors & residents, but 
are also committed to educating their guests
on the ecology of the area, involved in
reforestation projects where they have planted
thousands of indigenous species in an effort
to restore watersheds in the area.

A brilliant day of exceptional weather 
and an eager crew of action talent spent
the entire day Tuesday in the cool upcountry
air, zipping through the tree canopy
from platform to platform. Great fun was had by 
all. Preview sample images were delivered mid-morning,
immediately followed by a call reporting that principals
gathered around the office computer were emanating "oohs"
& "aaahs" as they scrolled through the first edit.
That was followed by an email from the company 
bookeeper, reporting that the invoice was received
& was already being processed for immediate payment.

For the record... I am NOT a fan of heights, 
carnival rides, or other such activities. The staff at 
Skyline instantly made me feel comfortable
& safe as I strapped into harness & helmet
and received their careful instructions. 
And... my sense of pride would not allow me to 
be upstaged by hired 8 year olds flying thru treetops 
at 40mph with a relaxed look of glee plastered 
across their faces. I was eventually persuaded
to "zip" on a couple of lines and really enjoyed it!
If you are looking for a very cool
activity a bit different that the usual sun
& surf or biking down a volcano tours, this 
is well worth a try! Find out more about 
Skyline Eco-Adventure Tours HERE.

Assistant Frankel-san At The Ready
Art Director Gwen Eyes The Treetop Action From Below
Preserving the Moment While Operations Manager, Eric, Looks On
Pony Express Horseback Tours Are Right Next Door
Bees Make Lavender Honey In Adjacent Gardens

Thank you to all great clients near & far! 
Know that your trust, efforts and respect 
are returned ten-fold!

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