Friday, June 22, 2012

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For several years now, this noble Agave plant has guarded the entrance to my home. Construction of the new studio space has required that it be dug up and temporarily relocated until building and exterior painting are completed. It's doing fine in a quiet corner of the yard, waiting patiently for it's roots to again be covered in soil...

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If you blinked, you probably missed it. The Kihei gallery formerly formerly known The Maui Art Hale has come and gone in a matter of less than 60 days. A noble effort put forth by curator/operator Kenneth Norris, an attempt to create a different type of art space... unclutterd, contemporary, no whale art...
Alas, the money-guys suddenly pulled the plug just as a buzz was starting. In the battle of art vs. commerce, commerce wins another round. 

Framed limited edition prints from the series "Journeys in the Indonesian Archipelago" & other recent work are back in my possession and available for sale sans gallery mark-up.

In other news... wrapped up an assignment for Quebec based Fairmont Magazine, delivering the edit just before boarding the plane to the East Coast. Received a lovely note from the PE, an excerpt below:

"Thanks for everything. You have no idea how much i love them. I was scared that this story will visually look like a boring hotel article, but this is stunning. Thanks so much."

Note to self: Now press heavily upon them to send me to Jakarta for coverage of property there!

This one took place while I was away. The reunion of gypsy jazz artists Gypsy Pacific proved to be a couple of evenings of stellar musical entertainment. Nice to have the chance to dust off old press images shot long ago, with a 4x5 View Camera and film no less, and get it out in front of eyes again. Great work on graphics, as always, by Scott @ Dogtowne Design.

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center will be screening parts of the PBS Documentary Series Art In The 21ST Century beginning Thursday, June 28th in the McCoy Studio Theater. Admission is free. The series is pretty cool.

Found a link to this blog on a German based photography forum this morning, linking to my entry back in January lamenting the final shutting down of my E6 film processing line and the retiring of my trusty Jobo ATL-Plus film processor. Funny. The forum is all in German and I don't understand a word of what's being said. Any german speakers reading this blog... translation, please? You can find the forum HERE.

Adobe announces the launch of Creative Suite6 & Creative Cloud.
Great... just as I was getting competent and comfortable with CS5, a new upgrade to spend money on & learn. Damn you! Find out more about CS6 & Creative Cloud here.

And that concludes today's entry... have a great weekend!

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