Thursday, July 5, 2012

My Brain Hurts


There was hell to pay for the excesses of the 
previous evening where I joined friends and
clients for a gala fete on the rooftop of the soon
to open Fleetwoods On Front Street, Mick's newest 
venture and what promises to be Lahaina's premier 
venue for food,drink & live entertainment. 
Morning came far too early today after braving 
traffic so thick that 
it took over an hour & 1/2
to clear the 1 mile stretch of highway through 
Lahaina and finally arriving home 
well past the witching hour.

There was good fun to be had... town was 
packed with visitors & residents alike, 
crowded along Front St. to view the 
fireworks display. Upstairs, the private 
party featured food, drink, celebrity 
sightings and an unobstructed view 
of the rocket's red glare over 
the ocean.

And now we are back into finishing up
the working week & my brain hurts!

Bagpipers begin the festivities as Mick & Mum look on
As the sun sinks, Mick welcomes the assembled guests to his latest venture

Sammy Hagar mans the bar, dispensing samples of his new "Beach Rum"

Rocket's Red Glare Overhead

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