Thursday, July 19, 2012


Someone has stolen the "D". 

Found myself in the midst of festive 
beachside gathering of old friends, with a few 
new ones thrown into the mix, last Sunday's eve
as we gathered to honor, mock and celebrate
the birthday of the woman who, some would say 
(well, she would say), gave my career a jump-start
back in those early days when I worked out of 
a rented closet darkroom at the Lahaina News 

On hand were a couple of charming Whippet
pups, a State Senator and a handful of
the usual suspects. Champagne flowed,
T manned the BBQ, plying us with grilled
prawns, juicy sausages and lots of other
delicious goodies.

Birthday girl "G" walked the red carpet, 
entered the "Celebrity Zone" and took up
residence on her "Producer's" throne.

Happy Birthday, G! May many more follow...

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