Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Is For Slacking....

... slacking from the blog, that is. Those of you that tune in here on a regular basis will note my consistent lack entry-making of late. The truth of the matter lies on two fronts... 

First, I'm happy to report that suddenly I'm busy again. The last few weeks have seen an increase in work commissions. We've recently shot new images for opening collateral pieces for the new luxury spa in the Kapalua Resort. Editorial pieces for several lifestyle & arts publications have come in & been completed, there is a five day architectural project on the books to begin production starting on monday of next week and restaurant images for a re-branding campaign at a major south shore resort to start the following week. All in all a good sign for things to come. Cautious optimism remains the operative mode around the studio. 

Secondly, as you will note from my entry last week, I did some unexpected traveling. That entry was actually made in the Las Vegas airport while waiting to board a flight to Hawaii. Thank God for the cities that provide free wi-fi in airports for travelers. Got that Maui & Honolulu? Let's get on the program!

The images we made several months ago for the band, The Throwdowns, is suddenly now appearing everywhere I look. From posters promoting future gigs to the cover art of the recently released new EP/single. Known mainly as a food, still-life & architectural photographer... the new exposure to the local music scene is gathering attention and I have tentative deals to shoot more local music acts such as Mojomana and a couple of other acts. This is all great news to me as it provides an opportunity to flex creative muscle largely unappreciated by my resort clients and also brings a new sense of fun to the work. 

The image below was captured during a recent editorial foray into the historic Iao Theater, home of local theatrical company Maui Onstage. Having worked previously in an earlier life as a production tech for rock & roll acts, I love wandering around theaters, especially old ones. The Iao is located just a block from my studio, yet in almost thirty years, I've managed to avoid spending much time there. Thanks to this assignment, I was given run of the place for a couple of hours and my favorite shot of all is this one taken backstage. 

In other news... we lament the demise of Kodachrome film. It did give us "nice bright colors", as Paul Simon wrote. 

We also welcome new & sorely needed leadership at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center in the form of Art Vento, former longtime General Manager moving up to the top position, along with Teri Freitas Gorman, former Director of Corporate Communications at Maui Land & Pineapple Company. Art & Terri now act as Co-Ceo's at the MACC. For myself and many others, this is welcome news. Congratulations guys... you can call me again.

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