Friday, July 10, 2009

Must See TV

Normally, I try and avoid making overtly political postings here at the blog. However, in recent weeks, the conservative pundit class and other flack-runners for the corporate health insurance industry have been working overtime to decry government managed health care in other countries, making wild-eyed claims about the lack of access to care, having to wait months... even years for treatment, lack of quality of care... all without any fact-based evidence to support their rhetoric. How convenient is it that they forget to utter even a word about the government health care plans made available to our men & women in military & government service... nor do they bother to mention that lobbyists for the insurance industry are currently spending something like $1.3 million each day in an intense campaign of spreading misinformation.

Somedays, it's just too much to bear. Someone needs to step up and call bullshit. Fortunately, Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) did just that yesterday in hearings on the state of the health care industry. Thank you Dennis... you delivered in spades:

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