Thursday, July 23, 2009

Things Are Getting Exciting

Things are starting to get exciting around here these days. Not that the economic outlook as improved greatly, but there has been a fair supply of decent assignment work over the last couple of weeks. For the better part of the last two weeks, in addition to performing serial photo-magic, I have been a little off my feet with a raging fever that lasted for over a week. It's only been the last few days or so that I've been feeling my normal self and, let me tell you... it feels good to be back. 

In between the assignments, I've been brainstorming story ideas for a few of the local editorial publications... quirky little ideas for photographic essays on off the beaten tourist track subjects. One idea in particular is just different enough to gather the interest of a high-visibility publication that has tentatively agreed to devote multiple pages and a hefty space in it's pages, along with a decent budget to produce the thing. The story and publication will have to remain a secret for now but the interest from the publisher has really begun to get the creative juices flowing. Furthermore, the senior editor has decided that I should team up with wordsmith, musicologist and all-around interesting guy Paul Wood to scribe little "poems", as he called them during our initial conversations on the "project", to further add descriptives to the images and weave a thread of consistency to the overall work. I'm excited... have always wanted an opportunity to collaborate with Paul and now here a chance. Already we are seeing broader applications for the scope and publishing opportunities for this project. All we've got to do now is stay focused and get the thing done. The magazine has given us almost a year to work out this limited portion of the overall project idea. Stay tuned for details... 

Another thing that has me really excited these days is to find some new music that has kept me mesmerized for much of the week. Formerly one half of as duo calling themselves Eastmountainsouth, Peter Bradley Adams has been recording and releasing solo recordings for the last few of years. Still a guy way under the radar, his music is some of the most beautiful, sensitive folk flavored work I've stumbled across in quite a long time. You can check out samples of his latest release, Leavetaking, HERE. 

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