Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Tribute To A Life Lived Fully

Loss is a very hard thing to deal with. Loss of a loved one even more so.

My maternal grandmother would have been 100 years old on August 12th of this year. She was a strong & independent woman, much admired & respected by everyone who knew her. She outlived three husbands, all of her siblings & most, if not all of her friends.

A few weeks ago, she became very ill from an infection in her foot. She was treated at the hospital but treatment was unsucessfull. Last week her doctors recommended she be transferred to the local hospice in Little Rock, Arkansas. Members of my family called and suggested I catch a plane ASAP... no one knew how much longer she would last. I caught the first available flight to Arkansas last Thursday morning. Mamaw left while I was enroute somewhere between Seattle & Houston. She was buried Monday.

I miss her.

Here's to you Elsie Veazey Jacoway (1909-2009). You enriched our lives and set the bar high.

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