Thursday, January 29, 2009

More Of What's Going On...

Taxes! That's what's going on today... filing end of year GET reports, getting the accounting ready for my accountant... mountains of paperwork that will simply result in the fact that another fat wad of cash will go to the government for more wrongheaded schemes & bailouts. Selah!

The other thing that's going on is WORK! Yes... work, or the ripe potential of work is coming in the door. Last week, lots of art reproduction work, a two day assignment for one of the state's most talented graphic design firms (with more to come I'm told), and promotional photos of a local and very excellent jazz duo. This week discussions are underway for a new campaign for a locally produced boutique Vodka (there will definitely be a wrap party after this one!), requests for estimates for a Big Island resort's food & beverage images, a scheduled meeting with a Wailea resort about new food & beverage photos, room interiors and lifestyle images. If any or all of this pans out, things will be OK around here for the next few months.

I've got to say this is a welcome bit of activity after the fear & loathing of the past few months.

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