Friday, January 16, 2009

Big Wind Blow Hard

No... the title of this blog entry is not referring to notsoonenoughtobe Ex-President Bush's farewell speech last night. We're talkin' weather here... and here on the Valley Isle we are getting plenty of weather.  High winds from the southwest blowing a steady 35 mph and often gusting up to 50 mph and more have been hammering the island now for the past few days as a severe cold front moves across the island chain. The front is supposed to pass us by late this evening and bring a return to normal trade winds but right now, it is very windy and, at the moment, a heavy rain is pelting my Wailuku studio as this weather front moves closer.
Yesterday morning on the drive in along Maui's north shore, big waves were still rolling in at Hookipa Beach Park, sending clouds of misty spindrift up the faces and over the top of the waves as they peaked, crested and broke. Wave faces were easily 12 ft. plus during the sets but the heavy offshore winds prevented the usual suspects from waxing up & dropping in.

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