Thursday, January 29, 2009

Annie Leibovitz: "At Work"

I finally got my hot little hands on a copy of Annie's latest book "At Work" a few days ago. While it does make for some moments of insightful reading, let's just say that as a writer, Annie is a great photographer. Just the same, the tome was inspiring at times. There's not a whole lot of new information contained in the pages, nor is there much in the way of "new work". There are some interesting moments... rare glimpses of vulnerability as she describes her uncertainty about how to proceed a a few photo sessions. I found it interesting to read about how she learned to adjust her exposures in order to make her images print optimally from the early days of shooting B&W negative and prints for reproduction in the original, newsprint format of Rolling Stone, to her beginning to shoot transparency films for the slicker RS formats that came along as years progressed. 

There are chapters where she discusses specific portrait assignments, equipment issues and advice for photographers. Still... not a lot of detailed info is presented but, if you're a photographer and/or a fan of Annie's work, it's worth a read. 

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