Friday, April 11, 2008

Today's Mailbag/ Department of Shameless Self-Promotion Redux

Today's mail contained no bills, (yippee!), minimal junk mail and the current issue of  Hana Hou Magazine, the inflight read of Hawaiian Airlines.  The spread above is a story on labyrinths that I shot for the issue (you'll note the back of one of the Art Hash Harrier gals in the bottom image). Also in this issue is a photo of mine of the owner of Maui Brewing Company in the Native Intelligence section of the magazine along with a nice portrait and blurb on the contributors page. A big mahalo to Kunio Hayashi,Director of Design for Hana Hou,  another AD that makes large and great use of photography. The labyrinth piece opens with a full bleed double page photo spread!

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