Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Hump Day? Hump This...

It's Wednesday.... the last day of the month. How I loathe each month's end. Excise taxes from the previous month's business are due, there's a fine, high pile of bills to be paid, a smaller stack of checks to deposit, a flurry of calls to client accounting departments begging to be paid for work done & delivered months ago. There is a brief and fleeting moment of satisfaction almost bordering on heady elation when the checks are tallied up on the rusty old abacus and the balance sheet confirms that, indeed, the studio doors will remain open for another month. Then reality sets in as I open the checkbook and start writing those checks to the taxman, the electric company, the landlord... such is life in the glamorous world of the professional photographer.

I am in a mood to rant here for a moment. In fact, I have typed and deleted two vicious screeds already, one about a french client holding up payment, the other about the current state of the 24 hour news cycle here in the USofA. After proofreading them, I thought better of baring my fangs in public, at least here on this blog and dumped them. Perhaps another time, eh?

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