Monday, April 28, 2008

Making New Friends On the Road

London Schertzer is an amazing human being, an excellent photographer and all around cool gal who hails from the mountains of Colorado. London was at one time a photojournalist in the employ of Rueters and stationed in Turkey and Guatemala during her tenure with the bureau.

London first contacted me out of the blue nearly two years ago through where she had read several of my posting responding to queries about traveling to Bali. At the time, she was making preparations for a 3-4 month tour through South East Asia, with an extended stay in Bali. As fate would have it, I was planning to be in Bali about the same time as she. We were fortunate to hook up in the mountain village of Ubud where she spotted me as I dismounted a decrepit rented motorbike in front of the guest house where I was staying.

London and I immediately hit it off and spent a bit of time together drinking, dining and swapping photo biz lies. We have maintained contact ever since.

Below are several images London recently sent me from that trip. These images were all taken, I believe, in Cambodia during her visit to that country. As you can see, she is a Holga user and enthusiast. To see more of London's work, visit her website here.

On a side note, I spoke with London by phone earlier today (which prompted this blog entry). It seems she was reading my blog here and took interest in an earlier entry about photographer Chip Simons. In true London fashion, she emailed Chip after viewing his website, he responded and now they are having a dialog also. Well done London! Just goes to show you the value of the "internets" and all those millions of tubes when it comes to making connections of all kinds.

          All Photographs Above © London Schertzer/All Rights Reserved

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