Friday, March 28, 2014

March Marches Out

Today the inbox contained a note from Agency Access with a link to today's wisdom: 

6 Unspoken Rules of Successful Blogging. 

Rule# 1: Post Frequently But Don't Overdo It

Little chance of overdoing things here despite  best intentions.

Some of the stuff we've been up to during the past month:
  • Celebrated another lap around the sun
  • Drank tequila for breakfast with an attorney
  • Got rejected from two consecutive juried exhibitions
  • Sold a print that had been entered in one of said exhibitions
  • Received a phone flogging from a local arts org ed
  • Met some goats and worked on another farm to table story
  • Cut sampled the cheese
  • Photographed a state politician and exploited his family
  • Attended the grand opening of a great new restaurant
  • Drank more tequila but not for breakfast this time
  • Met a really cool dog
  • Worked with new & talented make-up stylist
  • Worked with a really talented chef & shot some more food
  • Shot some products
  • Watched it rain. A lot.
  • Started the application process for a new nonprofit corp
  • Hosted my weekly radio show
  • Surrendered any attempts to manage the unmanageable
  • Compiled the annual packet of lies accounting and handed them off to the cpa
  • Schemed an east coast getaway in May
  • Schemed a s.e. asia getaway to follow
  • Watched it rain some more
  • Attended a couple of swanky dinner parties
  • Overran my mobile phone texting limit
  • Downloaded (legally) some great new & old music

And in pictures... (click for larger view)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

The Day the Stock Photography Industry Died

Getty contributors take it in the sorts again. Why do they stay?

For an excellent analysis of Getty's latest move and a bit of speculation on the motives behind the move, read here:

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Quiet Storm

A late season winter storm has settled in over this tiny island, bringing with it buckets of rain, cool temperatures and a threat of snow to volcanic mountain peaks. Massive surf pounds the northern coastlines, leading to a capsized 24' boat & crew during early morning hours. Rescue efforts managed to rescue all involved, boat included. No casualties reported. Seemingly moments later, reports of a 6.6 earthquake off the coast of Japan began filtering in. Twenty minutes later an all-clear came in and another potential for a massive Pacific tsunami has been averted.

Weather aside, most of the previous week has been spent scouting, preparing for and executing a two day assignment in food porn. All went well and the weather has provided the opportunity to dodge outdoor domestic duties to hunker down and move towards finishing up the post-processing & edit. The best of the new work will be up on display as soon as the commissioning party begins making use of it.

It's also exhibition season in these parts with two juried shows rapidly approaching. Intended submissions for Art Maui have been picked up from the framers and are even more stunning, if I am allowed to say so, when viewed behind glass. Five other works submitted last week to the upcoming show in H'lulu. Word on jury results should arrive on thursday.

And... as mentioned in a previous post, I will be conducting a one-day workshop on portraiture at the University of Hawaii New Pacific Media Center in Honolulu. The date now set in stone just a short time ago for the class Portraiture: From Street to Studio, an all day event with lecture, discussion and hands-on demos/opportunities for all participants. Mark you calendars for August 9.

Ferry Passenger, Java, Indonesia
Correction... word has just come in that due to scheduling conflicts, the workshop Portraiture: From Street to Studio has been moved to June 28.