Tuesday, April 3, 2012

View From Home & Other Stuff

Nothing much new to report on today. Busy finishing up the edit on the first round of Maui Memorial Medical Center Campaign photos, answering calls, questions & pleas for more $$$ from the builders busily erecting new studio space.

There is another informative and eye-opening post appearing today at APE. This post, titled Pricing & Negotiating: Custom Publication, comes again from the folks at Wonderful Machine and details the thought process behind estimating for an assignment to shoot environmental portraits of a worker in a manufacturing plant in NYC that uses the client's services, plus additional  documentary shots of showing other aspects of the factory. Read the article HERE and see if you're selling yourself short. Don't overlook the Comments left below the post for suggestions on how to cover some of the costs of doing business without pushing creative fees over the moon, in turn pissing off the client and losing the assignment.

Thanks again to APE's Rob Haggart for continuing to provide & publish one of the most informative & educational blogs for editorial photographers found anywhere one the interwebs. Having had a long conversation earlier today with one of Hawaii's top film/photo stylists where the topic drifted eventually to the death of the industry, it's posts like these that continue to give me hope that it is still possible to earn a living as a photographer without resorting to weddings.

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