Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Images Stumbled Upon

The sudden break in weather had me out last evening in search of photo-ops on the drive home. Just before the sun had ducked behind the mountains, I drove by my favorite jacaranda tree in the upcountry area and found a shot that could not have been better produced, styled or propped than what I found sitting roadside.

Pictured above is upcountry plein-air artist Michael Clements at work. His old, fully restored pickup lent a perfect air of "folksiness" to the scene, his shirt mirroring the color of jacaranda blossoms. Even better, he was more than welcoming and friendly as I approached with cameras in hand, allowing me to photograph him from numerous angle for at least half an hour, cheerfully taking direction and chatting as I lay prone in the grass. 

You can check out Michael's work at his website HERE.

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