Friday, April 20, 2012

Blog Negligence - Art Events - Studio Progress - Thank You WONDERFUL MACHINE For The Help

Back after nearly two weeks of MIA... I had the best of intentions in maintaining regular, if not daily blog updates. Really... I did. Unfortunately, fate and a bit of fortune combined to otherwise occupy my time. If you're still here, still checking in from time to time, then read on...

First of all, I'd like to invite you all to join me and a handful of other talented artists (Kim Mosley, Pat Matsumoto, Erin Dieguez & Travis Joers) for a meet & greet and preview of our newest work now on display (and I might add - for sale) at Maui's newly opened haven for contemporary art.

The Maui Art Hale, located in the South Maui Center at 95 Lipoa Street (right next to Fabiani's Bakery & Pizzeria) in Kihei, has recently opened it's doors and arms to Maui's emerging and established artists alike. This Saturday evening, April 21st from 5-7pm, the Hale will host the event "Alternative Lifestyle/Alternative Art".

Gallery founder & Director Ken Norris has assembled a very nice collection of work from the above mentioned artists & displayed it in an uncluttered environment so antithetical to what is commonly seen in most of the island's commercial art galleries. Plans are underway to host evening events combining live jazz, art, food and much, much more in coming weeks. A gala, formal Grand Opening is now scheduled for May 19th.

I will be unveiling a series of limited edition prints, most never seen before, culled from my month-long visit to Indonesia late last year... 

"Merapi Smolders"

"Mandi Sore"

 Drop by sometime tomorrow evening... raise a glass, wag a chin with a great group of artists and get a first peek at the new work. Hope to see you there.

Today is your final opportunity to see this year's Art Maui, hanging for a few more hours in the Schaefer International Gallery at the Maui Arts & Cultural Center. Last Saturday afternoon,in between runs to the Construction & Demolition Landfill in Maalaea, I had the opportunity to join the juror for this year's show as he walked thru the accepted work, attempting to convey a little  bit about his process in selecting which works would be exhibited. The two hour walk-thru only served to reconfirm that I have no understanding of art speak... 

I was, however, greatly amused by the sight of several volunteers armed with those cricket bat looking paddles usually seen at golf tournaments with the word QUIET painted on them, as they wandered around the gallery waving the paddles in the face of offending cell phone users and other attendees intent on boisterous conversation during the presentation. Those armed with paddles showed remarkable restraint. Had I been asked to wield a bat, there would have been blood!

Maui Patriarch of the Arts George Allan Ready To Strike

Much progress made this week on the new studio space... walls framed and up on monday, roof trusses dropped in by crane on Tuesday, shoring & sheeting for the rest of the week. The space now is completely dried in and walled. Work now comes to a halt for a couple or three weeks as we wait for windows, doors and roofing metal to arrive on island by barge.

Finally, a shout-out and sincere offer of thanks to the very generous folks at Wonderful Machine for taking the time to review and critique my newly revamped website, offer suggestions on improvements I might (and did) make in order to better present my work. Your time, energy and commitment to photographers all around the world is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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