Friday, December 17, 2010

Things I Love About Morning...

  • The wet, liver-tongued puppy love that wakes me
  • The scent of dew, wet grass, ginger & jasmine drifting through the windows
  • The silent darkness
  • The first whiffs of dark, fresh-brewed french roast
  • The sound of birds waking in the trees
  • The first cup of coffee
  • The first rays of sunlight crawling over the dark ridge of Haleakala
  • The glowing blue laptop screen that brings me new photography posted overnight in the blogosphere
  • The clucking parade of roosters, hens & chicks that march across my lanai to empty the cat's food dish.
  • The sounds of grazing cattle in the pasture next door
  • The feel of hot water washing over me
  • The ripe promise of another new beginning
  • The LIGHT

1 comment:

Miki said...

I was think about the same thing, on the same day, how much i love the morning, to see the sky turning from black to fist light,
how the clouds look fresh and unwasted.