Thursday, December 23, 2010

Seasons Greetings

The CTL elves have been working overtime this week. A three + day architectural assignment at one of the west side resorts kept us going from dawn until well after dark for the past few days. Unfortunately, far too much of that time was spent waiting for weather to clear. Yes, it rains in Hawaii. Usually, it rains in Hawaii during winter. The past few years have, however, brought us mostly drought conditions and very little rain or other bad weather. This year is another story entirely, at least so far... La Nina conditions in the Pacific have brought back what I remember as typical winter tropics weather, rain, thunderstorms & lightning, light to nonexistent winds, big surf... less than ideal conditions for resort photography on a deadline. Wait... be patient... what else can you do? Patience ultimately paid off and most, if not all the work was completed as we watched newly arriving resort guests flocking to our shores for the holidays basking in the clouds & mist poolside, quietly grumbling under their breaths about the rain... Selah.

That wraps up the last gig before Christmas. Now there's massive amounts of editing to complete and several assignments waiting to begin next week before the year ends and several on the books already for afterwards. Ctl would like to extend a special thanks to first assistant Jeffrey & new, second assistant Jeff (yes, it gets confusing on the set) for their hard work and diligence in keeping me organized as we attempted on several evenings to capture 3-4 different interior/exterior views in the very limited dusk time when rooms were best lit and looking awesome.
Friend & Coffee bar gal, London, (seen here in her Lesbian Safari Guide uniform) kept us fed, caffeined and laughing

Jeffery applying his telepathic powers to change the weather

Jeff thinks he may take up cab driving given the current state of the photo industry

Santa came early this year and brought me the new iPhone4 and, as you can see, I am loving the Hipstamatic camera feature. Can't wait to play with the video feature. Thanks Santa!

So now we can set the editing aside for a couple of days. The mainland gifts are all on their way, cards are sent thanks to the tireless efforts of the Missus. There are a few more gifts that need to be grabbed & wrapped, a feast to be prepared for Saturday's banquet (prep begins tonight) a few year's end business odds & ends to be handled and I'll be ready for the big day. Celebrity rock star guests will be joining us again this year to share the food & holiday cheer. At our advanced ages, debauchery will, no doubt, be at a minimum.

A very Merry Christmas to all CTL readers & followers. May the best of this season of joy follow you into the coming year.

We'll be back at it next week...

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Santa knows where YOU live??!!....