Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...

The holiday season is upon us & the elves are busying themselves with no time to spare. And, as is typical of this time of year, this elf is also busy... preparing estimate quotes, sending confirmation contracts, scouting locations for coming projects, shooting assignments already confirmed... It's been a mad rush here at the studio this week. Santa has already delivered a sleigh load full of assignments. There's a chic resort dining venue project of architecture & interior design occupying several days next week, a luxury confectioner's ad shoot the following, marketing images for a new housing development, another potential resort collateral campaign and a newly remodeled hotel in Waikiki to shoot in the early days of January.

Thanks goes out to all of those of you that have contacted me with interest in the Holiday Print Sale. The sale runs thru Dec. 20.

Holiday lights, chilly evening and morning temperatures (58 degrees yesterday morning at sea level, even cooler at my lofty mountain perch. Brrrrrrr... ), the smell of pine wreaths at Costco, the arrival of a couple of late, outstanding checks in this morning's mail and a fat deposit for next week's gig have put me in the mood this year. I was certain it would escape me this holiday season until I woke this morning to another of Santa's early gifts... perfect North Shore surf conditions. Big, glassy, perfect, 18' waves were pounding the coast as I drove into town this morning. Stunning power & beauty and the usual suspects in the line-up shedding it Maui style.

The new pup, Chester, is coming along nicely. He's beginning to develop some manners, no longer relieves himself on my fine bamboo floors, knows all of his toys by name and will get them when asked, sits on command most of the time, has begun to learn "heel" on the leash and has developed a tongue bath technique that the cat finds most pleasurable. He's almost got the instinctive puppy biting under control and the scars on my hands are beginning to heal nicely. Most of the credit for this remarkable progress goes to the Mrs., who working at home, by default, has become the primary enforcer. A fine job she's doing too!

If all this holiday spirit & good cheer continue, I could very well sprain my bile gland or end up playing Christmas songs on my weekly radio program. Should that happen, the tunes will most likely come from my favorite seasonal recording, John Fahey's The New Possibility: John Fahey's Guitar Solo Christmas Album, Vol. II


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