Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekly Update & Music For A Friday

It's been relatively quiet around the studio this week, providing me the opportunity to finish up the E-Promo email blast begun last week. So far, response has been the best received yet to any previous self-promo efforts. There have even been a couple of calls for meet & shows of the portfolio... also in the process of being updated and reorganized. There's been an assignment already generated from the campaign (always a good thing) so I'm off the Oahu on Monday for an editorial assignment destined for future page(s) in California's Via Magazine. 

On the weekend front, things are looking anything but quiet. In addition to the usual domestic duties, tomorrow there are two shoots for children involved in the A Keiki's Dream program. While this is a pro-bono gig, I am always more than happy to help out with these kids. This time, we have two kids scheduled, both are musicians who have been sponsored to record CD's of their work as a part of their dream. Our mission is to capture photographs to be used as CD cover art. Then, up to the lofty volcano elevations for a fine meal & spirited conversation with friends and colleagues. Early Sunday morning (and for the next six weeks), I'll be covering the Sunday Solstice radio program, sharing the Celtic Music both traditional and not so at Manao Radio, 91.5 FM. You can find live streaming worldwide here:  Manao Radio Online.

The Missus just returned from a week in London and brought me this awesome t-shirt:

OK... I'm back. Melissa of the band Mojomana just dropped by the studio to share latest recording efforts and catch me up on what the band's been up to.

And, speaking of music, I'll leave you with this to start your weekend, Chris Whitley's Accordingly from Dirt Floor:

See you next week....

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