Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cool Stuff From The Blogosphere

Ever since picking up a copy of Werner Pawlok's Photography Paintings, I've dreamed of getting to spend some time with one of these cameras. Now, with the demise of Polaroid, the limited number of these cameras manufactured and even fewer still in operating condition and the preciousness of 20x24 Polaroid Instant Film these days, my chance (and yours for that matter) of getting to produce images on that amazing, giant polaroid color film are now virtually nil unless you happen to reside in the Big Apple (I think there still might be a 20x24 in San Francisco too). One lucky bugger, Greg Miller of NYC, however, does get to use one in pursuit of his portrait project. Tomorrow, Greg & Jennifer Trausch, Director of Photography at the 20x24 Studio will be hauling the beast over to the Asser Levy Community Swimming Pool in Manhattan. Mr. Miller will have only 10 sheets of film to work with. Read more about his project at his new blog Dark Cloth Diaries. I'm green with envy!

Over at the Prison Photography Blog, this amazing slow motion video of lightning captured at 9000 frames per second was posted this morning:

Given my watery photo experiences earlier this week, I was amused to find two separate postings of similar content over at Rachel Hulin's A Photography Blog:

Into the Water, with Herman and Weinberg

Summertime is the time for dreams by the sea. Thanks Rachel!


Anonymous said...

hello tony,
sorry to change the subject, but could you possibly write about what type (brands, models, or at least minimal features) of camera do you recommend for people that want to become more serius with photography/maybe even professional?

Tony Novak-Clifford said...

I'd love to help. Unfortunately, I'm not much of a gear junkie. There are lots of mid-range "prosumer" level cameras on the market ($1200-$1800 range) that are more than adequate for both serious use by hobbyists & pros alike. Can't go wrong with either the Nikon or Canon brand.

Sensor size, for me, is the issue if we're talking about digital photography. 12 megapixels or better is my main consideration... as they allow for print files at native resolution large enough for publication & these files can easily be uprezed to produce spectacular large prints.

Other considerations I think are essential would be the ability to capture images in RAW mode and the ability to shoot in Manual mode as well as programed Shutter & Aperture Priority modes.

Hope you find this helpful.