Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Today's Playlist

I have received several calls and requests recently for copies of the playlist from my Tuesday morning radio program The Academy of Errors. Those of you wanting to listen in can find it on the radio dial if you live here on Maui (West side and parts of South Maui don't get reception) by turning your radio to 91.5FM. Those of you out of signal's range can listen via live internet streaming by going to Manao Radio (click on link). The program airs every Tuesday morning from 6-10am Hawaii (CPT) time.
I haven't been saving playlists for quite some time now but figured the easiest way to clue you in to what was heard was to scan my sloppy, scribbled notes and post them here. Good luck deciphering my illegible handwriting!
Playlist for Tuesday, March 31, 2009:

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