Monday, March 9, 2009

Hoedown with The Throwdowns

More fun than a barrel of monkeys, The Throwdowns showed up in the studio on friday afternoon for photos to grace the cover of an upcoming CD release. Full of energy and with a definite sense of image, the process of shooting was, for me, like walking on air. Just aim & shoot... the band did all the rest. Bassist Kimo launched into the air on a mini trampoline brought in for just that purpose. Drummer Ian contorting his legs painfully to just the right twisted effect. Front gal Erin alternating between an Alice in Wonderland persona to deranged rock & roll beauty. There's plenty of imagery for graphic designer to the stars Scott Johnson of Dogtowne Graphics to work with in creating an eye-catching piece of art.

Happy Birthday to Chase the Light which celebrated one year online on Saturday. I celebrate 52 years of stomping on the terra today.

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