Monday, August 11, 2008

Paula Lerner & Afghanistan

A while back, I posted an blog entry listing photographers who have given me inspiration over the years. One of those photographers was Boston based photojournalist Paula Lerner. Paula's work in some of the globe's most troubled hotspots has been featured in numerous publications around the world. Her images from Rwanda during the ethnic cleansing crisis in the early 90's were amazing, not to mention heart-wrenching.

I had the privilege of meeting and working with Paula many years ago when she was on island to visit her friend and my former mentor Steve Minkowski. Immediately upon my first introduction to her, I knew this woman was a force to be reckoned with.

Paula has been spending a great deal of time in Afghanistan in recent years and this morning I received an email from her alerting me to a TV program on Afghan women which will air  tonite on an Afghan TV network but is available for viewing via the internet. Here is Paula's email letter and the details if you would like to tune in:

For those who are interested, on Monday August 11th Afghan Noor TV will

feature an interview and discussion conducted by Durrana Nejat Rahimi,

host of the program "Afghans in America." Ms. Rahimi interviewed me for

an hour for her show, during which time we talked about the situation

of women in Afghanistan, showed two multimedia features about women in

Afghanistan, and discussed my work in that country as a photojournalist

and multimedia producer. The show will air on Monday evening at 11 p.m.

Eastern time/8 p.m. Pacific time (and 8:30 a.m. the morning of Tuesday,

Aug. 12th Kabul/Kandahar time). For those of you who get Noor TV via

satellite, simply tune in to Noor TV at the above mentioned hour.

If you don't subscribe to the satellite feed but would still like to

see the show, it is viewable live on the internet by going to . You will need to create a registration with

your email address and a password, but it is free. Once you have

registered and logged on, click on LIVE TV on the right side of the

home page. This will pop up a GLWiz Player screen. Click on Afghan TV

Channels on the upper right hand tab of the player, and scroll down to

Noor TV. You will be able to watch the broadcast live on the internet,

and can view it full screen if you wish.

There is a brief introduction by Durrana in Dari, but the interview was

conducted entirely in English.

Kindly pass this message on to anyone who may be interested.

Warm regards,

Paula Lerner

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