Friday, August 8, 2008

New Tears & Other Musings on a Friday Afternoon

New editorial tear sheet from Hana Hou Magazine. Full page, great color reproduction, page design by Kunio Hayashi.
Tear Sheet from a luxury home development campaign. This one is also in Hana Hou. Design by InfoGrafik/Honolulu.

Location scouting for next week's Prince Resort shoot occupied most of my day yesterday, taking time out to meet with several of the resort executives to make sure that coordination of things we will need the hotel to provide, clean, remove or provide access to is all taken care of. During the scout, I managed to capture some very nice vignettes of the property that could be potentially used as design elements in the final print collateral pieces.

Today, finishing the shot list/schedule and emailing copies to all involved parties, making arrangements for our stylist extrodinaire, Amos Kotomori, to fly in the day before, coordinating with the hired talent for wardrobe fittings, frantic emailing back & forth between my rep about the potential Tokyo assignment (it's looking good... the client has seen my website and has asked to see more samples), scanning more interior space images that he can forward them to the client and a nice lunch with one of the Art Hash Harrier gals filled the day nicely.

One last note and then I'm outta here... 

I just became aware of a new photo equipment rental house in Honolulu. They have a great selection of Profoto lighting gear, HMI lighting, lots of grip gear and a 4000sq. ft. rental studio available to both local and visiting photographers. So, any of you out there planning a trip to Hawaii for assignment or stock use, here's a great resource for you:

Foton Hawaii

OK... the week's almost over and I'm looking forward to the weekend. Don't forget the 35mm Magazine launch party and photography exhibit this Saturday (tomorrow) night at the Haiku Town Center, 810 Kokomo Road in Haiku. The shindig starts at 7pm. There will be food and drink along with entertainment by DJ Pio and Gretchen (vocalist from the Island Rumours Band). Admission is $5.  See you there.

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