Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Land of the Rising Sun

Not much new and exciting going on around here since the last entry. I've spent most of this week doing preproduction work for next week's two day advertising campaign shoot for the Maui Prince Resort, applying with the State Film Office for permits to shoot on the beach, booking flights for talent & stylists and tomorrow will be largely spent scouting the various locations I plan to shoot, checking the morning & afternoon light at each spot & making some scouting shots to further ensure a smooth flow of the entire production once talent and crew are assembled on site for the shoot days.

Out of the blue, my rep calls from New York this morning with details of a potential week long resort shoot in Tokyo. I don't hear from him often (his market is primarily mainland & east coast), but when he does call, it usually with a pretty good assignment & good pay (at least before he takes his cut). The project's scope involves architectural images, room & facility interiors & lifestyle images. The potential client even has gone so far as the send us sample images of the look they hope to achieve, all of it right in there with my recent website update. Let's keep our fingers crossed that he reels this fish in!

I know it's a long shot, but  if there are any readers out there that could recommend talented, professional and english fluent assistants in Tokyo as well as any rental houses that could supply strobes & hot lights, I'd be forever in your debt. You can contact me thru my website.

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