Monday, May 19, 2008

Back After A Few days Absence

It's been quite a hectic week since arriving in Ubud. Ceremony, ceremony and more ceremony. Add in taking time to catch up and spend time with resident expat friends and the old plate has been very full, which hasn't been easy considering that I've been down with the flu for a few days now. So far, there have been many highlights of the week... in fact, highlights have been too numerous to write about given the infuriatingly slow internet connections available in Indonesia. I will mention one evening that really stands out and that was spending time meeting and making family portraits of my friend Nyoman Eri's family at their family compound in Kedewatan. Everyone showed up in the ceremonial finery and represented every bit the beauty and grace of the Balinese living on this island. Above are a couple of photos from the afternoon:

(top) Me, Komang (Eri's youngest son and my new best friend) and Eri's beautiful neice, Sita

(middle) "Kumpi", Eri's Grandfather, reported to be approximately 105 years old and me

(bottom) The Family, dressed to the nines

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