Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

It's the day for our expressing love, fondness and appreciation to our romantic interests. Cards, flowers, candies... another retailers jackpot and something we should do on a daily basis anyway.

OK... do I sound crabby? It might have been that trip down the mountain to the place where the traffic was completely insane. Or the trip to the shopping center & big box store, crowded and busy with crowds completely unaware of those around them and shuffling slowly down the aisles in a four-abreast formation or blocking entrance as they leisurely lunched at every food sample station in the place. Maybe it was the early morning dog-walking encounter with a fellow walker proclaiming that the public park was his/her private domain, and the fang-bearing response it prompted from me.

Forgive me. It's time to turn this ship around before I head over the edge in terminal funk. It's the day for love, after all...

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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