Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Final Push

It's on... the final push to wrap things up for the year. Less than two weeks to go before the New Year arrives and we're still up to our necks in work.

Three new editorial assignments have come our way in the last couple of days. Tight deadlines, of course, and the need for much coordination and cooperation from the subjects & subject matter involved. Things get a little more complicated due to the arriving hordes of holiday island visitors that begin their annual arrival this weekend. Everyone will be jammed up until after the New Year starting friday afternoon. This leaves little time to attempt to get a lot of images from all over the state lashed together to make our editors happy. 

An early morning boat excursion tomorrow will wrap up one project, an all day advertising project for a Health Care company will occupy friday with the weekend spent editing. On monday, we start with wrangling goats and end up shooting food and Diva Chefs to partially fulfill another project that will still require a trip to Hana, another to the Big Island and quite possibly another to Honolulu before that one is wrapped up. Then there's a day of architecture & interior photography, followed by another 1/2 day shooting from a rented helicopter for another mainland client. 

Negotiations are also on with an international resort company and a major airline interested in licensing an image for a North American "partnership" advertising campaign.

Thankfully, most of the pre-holiday domestic preparations have been completed today, thanks mostly to the enormous effort on the part of the Missus. The tree is trimmed, most of the holiday shopping is completed, cards and gifts to the mainland delivered to the postal clerks yesterday and today & a fat turkey in the freezer for the holiday meal. C is also putting the finishing touches on the massive antique Javanese door purchased in Asia last summer and delivered here a couple of weeks ago, making it ready for installation as the new fortress garden gate sometime this weekend. Fingers crossed on that one!

Last week we also wrapped up a two day lifestyle effort at a yet-to-be-disclosed resort on the island's South Shore. Spent last weekend hunkered over the edit workstation and delivered previews to the client on monday.

Thanks to Daryl & Alison for the great effort as talent, great art direction & prop styling by Sae. All went smoothly.

Chances are I may have no time to drop 'round here to update until early next year. I wish you all a most joyous holiday season and the best in the coming New Year! 

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