Monday, December 30, 2013

The End

Quietly the year slips away. Grey skies & rain usher 2013 to it's conclusion. The Christmas holiday has come & gone and all that's left to do is to welcome the approaching New Year with open arms.

All said, the year may have not been a banner year for business but it has, however, been a far better year than the previous three or four. If the last couple of months are any form of reliable indicator, the coming year promises to see things back on track.

Meanwhile, the last couple of weeks have sent me around the island completing end of year assignments photographing Diva Chefs, makers of fine cheeses, secluded Oahu beaches, luxury vacation hideaways, outrigger canoe paddlers, aging folks in need of professional home care and the ass-end of a herd of asses milk goats. The New Year will begin with a balance in the black column. Even better, my stock agency Photo Resource Hawaii logged the best year of licensing sales ever, most recently licensing an image for a AAA Hawaii guide book cover. I's always a special treat to go to the mailbox and find these unexpected checks waiting for me!

Contacted a week or so ago by the corporate art director for a major international resort chain to inquire about a license arrangement for an image shot around this time last year. They wish to use the image for a one to two year partnership rewards campaign with a major airline. Not wanting to scare this potential client away and at the same time, not wanting to sell myself short either, I have enlisted the assistance of a producer with the company Wonderful Machine. Together, we were able to arrive at what we both believe to be a reasonable fee. Producer Craig @ WM is handling the negotiations with this client on my behalf and hopes are high that a deal will be struck quickly in the coming days.

All in all, the year end on an upbeat note. Highlights include the trips to Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Jakarta & Seoul made during the summer months, the settling into and productive use of the new studio space now attached to my home, the increasing workload seen in recent months, the expansion and transmitting power increases I was able to oversee at the small, non-commercial radio station I manage as a labor of love in my limited free time and the luxury of having time and funds to participate in a very serious art class on color relationships theory concluded late last month. I am looking forward to what the New Year will bring and wishing all of you the best in 2014!

We end the year with a smile and a jingle in our pockets. 


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