Friday, October 4, 2013

Color Relationships with Dick Nelson & the Ghost of Josef Albers

Lack of blog updates usually means I am busy chasing the filthy lucre. Happy to say this is my excuse once again... for the most part at least.

In-flight magazine editor & writer write to exclaim satisfaction with porcine pixelations. West Coast travel mag editor underwrites 3 day pursuit of iconic Oahu islandness. Under-construction eatery commissions edible imagery involving fried grasshoppers and octopi... the list goes on.

While in the big city, managed to squeeze in lunch with favorite AD W (as usual), fresh from a respite in Shanghai. Followed W back to office to validate extortionate downtown parking and drop by Agency CD A's office to say hi... inadvertently (but most welcomedly) rattling loose another series of tourism authority campaigns, now in preproduction and scheduled for the end of the month. Also welcomedly learned from W that my work has recently taken on a more "graphic" quality... a conscious intention on my part. Nice that someone noticed.

S writes this morning that a resort we had done some work for at the end of last year now only likes the work we produced in their image collection. Budgets & shots lists are now in development for another round photography.

Enrolled in a Phd level course of instruction on color relationship theory based on the work of Josef Albers & taught by  local artist & educator Dick Nelson, a student of Albers. Now into week three of the twelve week course of study, I am completely hooked. At first, I thought I was way in over my head. Now, it's the opposite and I am throwing myself completely into executing the demanding homework assignments and eagerly anticipating each new class, rounded out by nine other notable members of the island art community.

Assignment#3-Make Four Colors Appear As Three

Headed down to the annual County Fair tonight to dish up pulled porky heaven on a bun, a fundraiser for our non-commercial radio station, Mana'o Radio, 91.7 FM, Maui. Drop 'round for a bite and a chat between 8pm & 12:30am.

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