Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fancy Footwork

Or FOOTWEAR as the case may be for this entry...

And my footwear of choice is usually a pair of rubber flip-flops unless the given occasion is something very special... like an agency portfolio review. This, one would think, should make me an unlikely candidate to work on a footwear manufacturer's catalog. But, not so very long ago, that was exactly the assignment... shoes... lifestyle focused on shoes... product shots of shoes...

In pursuit of footwear fotos, a large crew was assembled over the two-day shoot... numerous locations including a luxury private estate, world-class surf spots, dense jungle forests... even a 72' sailing yacht was pirated. Half a dozen beautiful young people, agency & manufacturer reps, producers, caterers, water-safety officers, stylists, assistants were also enlisted for the production.

Days were long, the food incredible and opportunities to swim, cruise around on jet-skiis and otherwise enjoy the scenery at each location were plentiful during the harsh, mid-day hours.

Below... a handfull of my favorites from the effort.

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