Thursday, March 28, 2013

New York Times Magazine

We produced this ad (along with another one scheduled to see the light of day late next month) for the Maui Visitors Bureau back in November of last year, thanks to the trust & good work of AE Stefani Li & Creative Director April Rutherford of H'lulu mega-agency LCA Anthology.

Funny thing about this is... since the arrival of my shaman friend Denis, we've been talking a lot about goal setting. During one of our lengthy conversations a couple of days ago, I happened to mention that one major goal was to get myself on the radar of New York Times Magazine's photo editor, Kathy Ryan - a king-maker & Holy Grail of photographers.

So... this morning, an email arrives from AE Stefani with details about another future round of shots for the same MVB Campaign. Attached to the email was the above tear-sheet from the March 24 Travel issue of... you guessed it - The New York Times Magazine! Full page, no less. 

And, while the goal has not quite yet been reached - I am now armed at least with an image that will be familiar to Ms. Ryan when I begin to focus promotional efforts in her direction... perhaps a small advantage for me when making initial contact with her.

Miracles & wonders? Seems to me at the moment that that's as good an answer as any.

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