Thursday, March 7, 2013

It's On

Prowling around the grounds of one of the South Shore Resorts earlier this week with fashion designer Maggie Coulombe in tow. Searching for elegant locations for next week's foray into high fashion. Found many. Euro-Supah-Model Callie enlisted as talent. Stylists & crew being assembled now. Fun project. Looking forward to this one in a big way... quite out of the box from the normal routine.


Job as volunteer radio station Program Director (or Herr Direktor as I am now referred to in certain quarters) has suddenly expanded - spearheader of fundraising, janitor, organizer of birthday parties, supply purchaser, webmaster and staff psychotherapist. As if just keeping the schedule filled with live bodies wasn't enough, we now find ourselves with yet another full-time job. The station celebrates 11 years on the air on Monday... 11 years supported entirely by the donations and good will of our listening community. An amazing thing if you think about it. You can listen in anywhere in the world via our live streaming signal at: Manao Radio, 91.5FM Maui (click for the internet streaming).


Enlisted to judge a youth photography contest for the Boys & Girls Club of Haiku, Maui this afternoon. Should be interesting. Good practice for the eventual jurying of of the pop-up exhibition being sponsored by the new arts advocacy group B & I have recently put into play, Gallerie Spontaneous. Our first exhibition is slated for April 6. Exhibition is open to all two-dimensional media with the theme "Fertile Ground". Receiving day for entries is approaching quickly on March 29th. Find the prospectus at the Gallerie Spontaneous Facebook page:

Be sure to "like" us and mark your calendars for receiving and exhibition dates.


Denis, a UK-based friend with "shamanistic" tendencies met in Bali last year arrives for an extended bit of couch surfing next weekend as he continues his tour of Pacifica with his first visit to the Hawaiian Islands. Expecting sore cheeks from overextended laughter which always ensues when we are together. 

Denis busy restoring world balance at Borobudur Temple Complex, Yogyakarta, Java

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