Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, March 12

M dropped 'round the studio of friday to lend her curator's eye to new website layouts, offering several suggestions for pairings of verticals that made very good sense. Work continues getting together & uploading the last of the new images & layouts and with any luck at all, will be completed today. Took an afternoon meeting with CD @ InfoGrafik to determine a scheme & course of action for a new client's website. Shooting begins this afternoon... Scott & Don dropped by late in the afternoon to borrow the kit of focusing fresnels for a weekend video project.

Wet, chilly & windy weather kept us indoors for much of the weekend, 'cept for a short little gig in town on saturday morning. Artist & inspirator Tom Faught & his lovely bride dropped by the homestead for dinner later that evening. Spinach Salad w/ warm bacon dressing and a pasta made of caramelized onions, garlic, lemon juice, braised chard & roasted pine nuts were served up along with a couple of nice Pinots. Several pressing world problems were solved during the meal. 

Sunday brought drier weather though winds persisted. Best part of the day is the morning walk with Chester & members of the Giggle Hill Canine Social Club though many of the other usual suspects remained absent. Chester didn't mind at all...

After a short afternoon nap, a hearty pot of stew was lashed together & left to simmer as Chester & I took advantage of the dry skies and headed back down the hill for a late afternoon walk amongst picnickers and families enjoying the playgrounds and afternoon sunshine.

Rain & winds have returned this morning. Just as well, really... there's still plenty of indoor work to fill the working hours before today's shoot.

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