Friday, December 30, 2011

Out With The Old...

2011 is now in it's final throes... the last assignment of the year just completed a couple of hours ago, the end of year bills and a few of next year's paid in full, bookkeeping up to date. Remaining on my list of to-do things for the first days of the coming year are to bring the web portfolio up to date, focus heavily on a marketing & promotion plan for the new year and get this studio space organized and cleaned (top priority). And speaking of lists, everyone it seems has one representative of the promise of a new year, best intentions and all of that. I have my own... but rather than bore you with the additional details of mine, allow me to direct your attention to a couple of recent lists I've stumbled upon in the past couple of days with particular relevance to those of us working in the creative industries.

Leslie Burns Dell'Aqua... you've seen her name here before... a creative/photographer consultant and most recently, an attorney has just compiled her list, geared specifically at photographers. The list: 10 Things to Do For Your Biz in 2012 (The Gloves Come Off) can be found at her Burns Auto Parts Blog. Lots of good advice here... and just like Nigel Tufnel's amplifiers (This Is Spinal Tap), Leslie's list also goes to 11. Do yourself a favor and take a few moments to read it.

Buffalo, NY based photographer Luke Copping has compiled another list worthy a few moments of your time. Titled: Lessons for 2012, Luke shares his thoughts on working as a successful creative.

As I look back on the past twelve months, I can honestly say that a year that started off looking rather bleak business-wise, ended up coming on strong towards mid-year, finishing up as one of the best years creatively and profitably in quite a long time. New mainland resort clients had us flying around the state for 5-11 day assignments for several months, new campaigns commissioned by Oahu's top agencies helped in filling the coffers, a first opportunity to venture into the world of TV Commercial filming presented itself and a handful of local clients deciding it was time to step up their advertising helped round things out overall. 

In the end, we've finished the year in the black column, a month long trip to Asia, new friends, new gear and maybe even a couple of extra pounds due to my delightful overindulgence in all things pork whilst visiting Indonesia. All in all, I'd say things have been pretty good this past year. 

And as always, we've had to say goodbye to a few old friends who will be sorely missed. We... or at least I, am coming to an age when this happens more and more frequently than I am comfortable acknowledging.

And while we're on the subject of age... I remember reading an interview recently with a photo editor who made the claim that most photographer's have their most productive years while in their 30's. As I never even picked up a camera until I was 30 years old, I beg to differ... I look forward to further years of productivity... As Imogene Cunningham once said: "Which of my photographs s my favorite? The one I am going to take tomorrow..."

So, with all that in mind, let me ring out the old year by saying THANK YOU to all friends, clients, assistants, family that have inspired me, driven me, challenged me & loved me. Thanks for the opportunity to continue striving to be better each day. Thank you for the opportunity to continue working in the creative community... 

May you all enjoy the best that's left in 2011 and all of the ripe promise of the coming year.

See you again in 2012...

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