Friday, December 16, 2011

Bali Journals: Part VIII - Jogya's Malioboro District, Denis Shops 'Till He Drops, 'Tut Vogues

Yogyakarta's Malioboro Road District hosts the central markets & main shopping districts. You'll find it all here, from fantastic food, clothing, jewelry, indigenous batiks to antiques and just about any other form of gimcrack known to man. At one point, Denis & I noticed a guy with quite a selection of old, worn & dusty cassette tapes. We laughed, wondering what in the world anyone would play them on. Three stalls down and across the crowded path, we spotted another guy selling old, worn & dusty cassette tape players. Should have know better...

The preferred methods of travel around the district seemed to be either horse drawn carts called Dokars or the pedal bike version of the rickshaw known as Becaks. Dokars were obviously winning the day we visited, most likely because none of their drivers were asleep at the wheel.

Our man 'Tut kept his eye out for the ladies, while Mr. T scouted for batik... I searching for photo-ops and Denis seemed to just want a nap after our second predawn attempt to mount Temple Borobudur earlier that morning. Here's some photos from the outing, in no particular order:

'Tut & Mr. T = Dynamic Duo

Denis Naps In Deep Meditation

'Tut - Indonesian Vogue

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