Monday, April 25, 2011

Will It Fit?

Busily making last round preparations for flights to & assignment on the Island of Oahu for the last half of this week. Flights are booked, land-chariots reserved, rooms for the stay overlooking Ala Moana Harbor confirmed, assistant booked. Now all that's left is the final packing & repacking of massive amounts of lighting & grip gear, cameras, external storage drives, laptops , food styling tools... all while praying that everything fits into multiple flight cases (6 total) and fall within the weight restrictions for checked baggage. So far, so good... everything thus packed falls with the 50-70 lb.weight limits. There's still some more gear to cram into those overburdened cases but it  looks like we'll manage to meet the limits.

We'll be spending a full two days shooting refreshed rooms, suites and food for Prince Resorts Hawaii at their Waikiki property, followed by a four day trip to the Big Island early next month to do the same for two of their properties there.

This morning's pile of email included a link to a survey of top Art Buyers conducted by Agency Access, the creative source list company providing contact lists and marketing strategies for photographers & illustrators. In this survey, titled "What Buyers Want From Photographers" more than 500 top art buyers & photo editors were questioned about how to best get their attention, where they find new talent, where they search for stock images, how to best deliver images and much, much more. You can follow the link here, sign up and receive your copy of the survey in downloadable .pdf format.

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