Thursday, April 21, 2011

Seize This Day

The Missus celebrates her birthday today. Let there be cake! She deserves it after all. She's been quite busy keeping the home fires burning and acting as nursemaid to the recently eunuch-ized pup - sore, wobbly and insistent on trying to lick his fresh sutures. 

Meanwhile, I've been running between the fine, blue editing screen and various assignments... several trips to the Winery and several hours of editing & retouching, a big Willie K production at the MACC & more editing & retouching, a big Throwdowns production with yet more editing, retouching to follow, a benefit golf tournament with even more editing & retouching, followed the same day with behind-the-scenes coverage of the Aloha Iapana Japan Tsunami Relief Benefit Concert and more, you guessed it, editing & retouching.

That one was amazing... an afternoon & evening of outstanding Hawaiian Music performances by some of the finest practitioners of that genre. Kudos to Karey of Island Soul Entertainment, Luly of Pono Communications, Art & his staff at the MACC, all performing artists and attendees who produced a brilliant & very entertaining evening under the stars for a very worthy cause. I'm sure a fat wad of cash was raised towards relief efforts for the stricken people of Iapana (Japan).

 A week's worth of back & forth proposal revisions for a resort management corporation ended yesterday with final approvals. The assistant is booked for the job and all that's left to do is book the flight's, rental vans and try to figure out how to get all the gear packed to meet flight weight restrictions... an impossible task, I fear. Let's hope that the expeditious greasing of a couple of porter palms does the trick on departure day. Two islands, five days plus travel days required for this one.

Two new 2 TB back-up storage drives are slated to arrive today. They will be added to the mounting pile of redundant externals rising skyward on my desk. Methinks it's about time to seriously consider the Drobo option.

Two hundred sheets of 4x5 transparency film ordered yesterday and winging it's way across the Pacific in preparation for another project. It will be great to dust off the Sinar 4x5 again and put it to use. The sad news is that my favorite film, Kodak EPP Ektachrome 100 Plus, I've just learned, is no longer being produced and with only 20 or so sheets left in the studio fridge, I'm forced into the Fuji RDP option.

A few days ago, boxes of new fine art paper arrived, so... in between edits, I've been busily printing new work on the trusty Epson Large Format printer. Five new images delivered to the framers yesterday.

Trying now to squeeze in a couple of more shoots before flying off to H-lulu & the Big Island mid-next week. Fingers crossed that the fine weather of late holds thru until the jobs are in the can.

In closing... a couple of behind the scenes shots of a recent celebrity profile due to appear between the pages of MAUI NO KA OI Magazine at the beginning of May. Photos courtesy of Road Manager William Pie'. 'Tanks Bill!

©2011 William Pie

©2011 William Pie

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