Friday, September 24, 2010

September 24

Autumn is upon us. My favorite time of year in the tropical latitude of 21 degrees north... just before the winter wet season sets in (let's bloody well hope that it sets in this year). The area where my land-fort lies at roughly 1500 ft. above sea level is exposed to the prevailing north-easterly trade winds. This time of year, the otherwise steady winds tend to back off a bit... just enough breeze to keep the air clear of cane-fire smoke & volcanic smog (vog), yet light enough to enjoy the outdoor living even at that elevation. Blissfully warm early mornings & nights of autumn, the week has also brought the harvest moon, bright enough to light interior rooms in the house and cast strong shadows.  The quality of the light early mornings and late afternoons this time of year is nothing short of magnificent. You can almost see the flora readying itself to receive the rains of winter after the extreme parching  wrought by an exceptionally dry summer. 

Been feeling unusually knackered at the end of each day this week due to lack of sleep. Either the moon phase, new miniature canine-critter, snoring spouse or a combination of all the above conspire to wake me well before any reasonable human should.

The first good winter swell began pounding the north shores of these islands sometime in the night... light winds and clean head-high surf as I drove into town this morning. The international surf-nazis should be arriving soon enough to fine tune their quivers as they prepare for the Triple Crown competitions on Oahu. There's always a buzz in the air at the onset of big surf season. Excitement.

Lots of appointments for my rounds thru H-lulu next week to flog the new portfolio. Everyone so far has been most receptive to the idea of my visit, shiny new book in tow (must have mentioned that I'm planning on arriving armed with Krispee Creme®, a commodity both popular & lacking on the Island of Oahu). Magazines, Ad Agencies, Record Labels, Resort  HQ's, PR Firms... no rock left unturned. Airfares inter-island are, for some unknown reason, extortionate. Car rentals unusually reasonable. WTF? Arrangements for a couch for which to lay my weary head upon after each of the three days of pavement-pounding has been secured. 

Also busily preparing myself for the transformation to "fine-artist" Framing, matting, packaging, working out the details for a proper display of THE WORK. The "gallery" display and sittings at the Four Seasons Resort in Wailea begin the first week of October. If there's work that you would like to own, now is the time to purchase, before I become famous and prices skyrocket.


Anonymous said...

toiling? you actually used that word. I'd never use that word. It sounds way too funky, like a Chevron gas station bathroom in Bakersfield. Do like the other words though, and the pictures. Your fan, P

Tony Novak-Clifford said...

Guilty as charged, P, though not in this particular entry. It always brings to mind a Strangler's tune "Toiler On The Sea".

Love the image of the Chevron station bathroom in Bakersfield.