Thursday, September 16, 2010

Offerings Sent, Prayers Answered

Odalon Ceremonies At Pura Tama Sari, High In Bali's Mountainous Interior

The last two days have been spent creating and sending out the latest in the ongoing email promo campaign. So far, the new piece has been well received and has already (literally within minutes of sending it) generated an editorial assignment from Chicago-based photo editor Jeff Milles for Modern Luxury Hawaii in addition to a flurry of kind & generous responses from a respectable number of recipients. 

Tuesday, received the hoped-for invitation to join the artists program at one of the major South Shore resorts. Can't say which one yet as the paperwork is still being finalized.

I have to say I was shocked as how it all came about. I was told by the program's director that I needed to come to the resort with a handful of sample works to show to the hotel's general manager. From there, the manager would meet with the acceptance committee and make recommendations on the artists he/she thought would best fit the program. Those artists would be called for a more thorough show & tell review and from there, the committee would select one participant to join the program.

Childhhood experience as a boy scout taught me to be prepared. Last week, I cleared the walls of my home & studio of artwork, bundled up both framed and unframed prints alike and headed down to meet with the GM. The meeting consisted of me showing my work to the GM from a borrowed bellman's cart in the luggage storage area in front of the lobby. The whole meeting lasted about 5 minutes and I was certain I had failed in my mission, but left a few of the unframed prints behind for the committee viewing at the GM's request, bundled up all the framed stuff and headed back home with fingers crossed but no real hope.

Tuesday morning, I get the call. It's the GM again. Am I still interested?, the GM asks. Of course I'm still interested. I'm told that my work has been given the nod and I don't even have to come back for the second committee review! 

Wow! Cool! Thank You!

Today I have also joined Hawaii's biggest stock photography agency/distributor - Photo Resource Hawaii. Thanks Tami!

Now I have a mountain of work to keep me busy between assignments... editing, keywording & uploading images to the stock site. And there's the research & purchasing that needs to be done for wholesale frame, mat and packaging suppliers, display manufacturers, etc. in preparation to start the weekly resort art program sittings.

Next week I'll be making calls to set up appointments for review of the new print portfolio at all the Honolulu Ad Agencies, PR Firms & Publications. Heading to Oahu at month's end to make the rounds & beat the bushes...

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