Monday, August 17, 2009

Another Trip To Hana

Family have once again invaded the island. My cousin Allen and his lovely wife Janice, along with their two daughters (I suppose they would be considered my nieces?)Jenelle(20)& Brittany(16)have been staying at my place for much of the last week and have been making the rounds of the island. 

On Saturday, we took advantage of the splendid weather conditions to drive out to the remote east-side of Maui, the Hana District. Driving a feisty, candy apple red Mustang convertible around the myriad hairpin curves, sometimes barely avoiding oncoming traffic, and over the 50 plus one lane bridges, we were treated to beautiful vista of the rugged Hana coastline, abundant waterfalls full after the rains of last weeks storm, lush tropical jungles and incredibly picturesque beaches. Thank God for Hana, as we island residents often proclaim. Though only 52 miles or so from the airport, the trip to Hana is an adventure in defensive driving and takes a bare minimum of two hours each way to enjoy the drive at a leisurely pace and enjoy frequent stops to swim in the waterfall pools and scenic stops along the way. f you plan to go... give yourself at least a full day and leave early in the morning to make it back before dark.

It's a trip I seldom make these days but having family & friends visit the island always produces an opportunity to go troppo and act as tour guide. Here are a couple of pics from out outing....

  Rainbow Eucalyptus Trees, Keanae Arboretum
Jenelle (l) & Brittany (r) enjoying Hamoa Beach

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