Thursday, September 11, 2008

Photography As A Weapon

Given the current political climate here in the US, it would be quite easy for me to allow this blog to sink to the level of an endless rant. I will even admit to times when I have indeed composed lengthy screeds on honesty, politicians, ineffectual government, obfuscation, the moronic & truth challenged nature of the 24 hr. cable news cycles... In the end, I opted to take the high road and keep our focus here firmly on the business of photography.

So imagine my surprise to find couple of really interesting  discussions taking place in the photo blogosphere as it relates to politics, propoganda, photoshop and photography.

Jim M. Goldstein's blog has a discussion/interview with a photoshop manipulator named Naomi who created the Sarah Palin in a bikini with a rifle image that has been circulating around the web for the past few days. Check it out here.

Once you've read the interview and comments, head over the Chase Jarvis' blog for more. You'll find it here.

As one comment left by a poster identified as Christopher at the Jarvis blog says:

"The cliche, it's worth a thousand words... since no one gets more than a sound bite these days, is there a new role for photography as a weapon, or as a platform?

Another comment from "pluevdh" says:

"Great article! Definitely an interesting question left hanging as far as ethics and artisitc liberty go."

I found the discussion surrounding not only the composited image fascinating, but the concept of photography as weapon and/or platform, image & video sharing platforms like YouTube, Flickr, etc. and their reach and influence as "new" citizen media to be worth chewing on for a moment or two... What are the ethics involved? Is all fair in love, war & political propaganda?

Comments anyone?

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