Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Blah Blah Blah...

A while back, the "team" and I were commissioned by Wolf-SubZero Appliances to photograph a kitchen designed and built here on the island for inclusion is the company's beautiful, glossy and well-designed magazine Great American Kitchens. I recently discovered that the story had, indeed, been published. Ever since that discovery, I have tried to contact the folks at SubZero for a couple of copies for my tearsheet archive. Several emails later, still no response from the company, but here's an image from the submitted photos for your listening and dancing pleasure... I'll keep trying.

Otherwise, it's been relatively quiet around here for the past few days, allowing time for the essential, if tedious, required tasks of book keeping, getting out new direct-mail & email promotional pieces, studio organization, etc...

There has been a small, steady trickle of new assignment work... photographing outlandish custom furniture pieces for master craftsman Ethan Fierro, a New-England prodigy & transplant to the island, designing incredible pieces of furniture and other very high quality wood-working designs.

There has also been a bunch of corporate portraits... physicians from one of the local medical groups and bankers for Bank of Hawaii. 

Tomorrow, I meet with a very adventurous group of architects from the Johnston+Cassel Design Group to finalize the needs for a shoot of another incredible interior design project recently completed. I've been working with these guys for about a year now on a few other projects. Their attention to detail and incredible craftsmanship have blown me away with every assignment and this one proves to be no exception... an spa-like bath and living quaters for a wheel-chair bound client. A couple of months ago we a did a pre-scout of the property before it was completed. Incredible is the only word I can find to describe it. It will be interesting to see the final completed details during out meeting/scout tomorrow.

Another assignment for  Hana Hou magazine came by email this morning... a brief story on outrigger sailing canoes. We'll be shooting that one very early in the morning on Friday.

And... word came down from above yesterday that we are still in the running for a big, luxury resort project on the Big Island, maybe to happen next month! All good news during this, what is usually the slowest part of the year in Hawaii... at least tourism-wise. 

I also have to make an unexpected but necessary trip back east to Wilmington, Delaware and Philadelphia, Pa. the first week of November. I will fly in, take care of business and fly out all in a matter of only 4 days. Yesterday was spent making flight, car and room reservatins for the trip. Unfortunately, that kind of spoils plans for the usual escape to Bali I try to make in late November/early December each year. Looks like that's off unless a sudden windfall of really lucrative assignments happens between now & then. 

I was also contacted by a writer friend recently. She is interested in pitching stories about the road to Hana... that winding, incredibly beautiful 52 mile drive from Paia to the remote east side village of Hana, Maui. This story will have a different twist from the usual Hana driving story which has been done ad-nauseum in just about every travel related rag known to man. Sorry... I can't divulge the angle just yet. I have been scanning and printing images from my Hana files to aid the submission in the story pitch so let's just keep out fingers crossed...

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