Thursday, July 10, 2008

What A Day!

What a week... make that the past two weeks actually! Work, work and more work! Oddly enough, I've been shooting more editorial for Honolulu based magazines the past two weeks than anything else. And I love to shoot editorial... an opportunity to be a little more creative than the standard advertising product shot or corporate head shot. In the past two weeks, I've shot stories for Honolulu Magazine, Hana Hou - the in-flight 'zine of Hawaiian Airlines, Island Scene -HMSA's community relations magazine and Modern Luxury Hawaii.

Speaking of Modern Luxury Hawaii, we bid a fond aloha to former editor-in-chief, Margie Jacinto, who has packed her bags and relocated to Dallas. At the same time, we offer warm aloha and welcome to new editor-in-chief Emmy Kasten as she makes the permanent move to Honolulu to oversee MLH. WE also offer aloha and welcome to new MLH photo editor, Jeff Millies. Jeff will remain in Chicago at the main corporate offices of ML and overseeing the photo-editing duties for ML's Dallas, DC and Hawaii publications. Jeff and I have been having a conversation by email today and I have learned that he is also a commercial photographer, but decided to give the photo editing gig a shot as it allows him time in the evenings and weekends to continue pursuing his freelance photography gigs. It appears we share a similar aesthetic in terms of editorial photography and I really look forward to future assignments and opportunities to work with him. Welcome aboard Jeff.

Today, I also discovered that an extravagant kitchen I shot several months ago for Wolf Appliances has finally been published in Great American Kitchens magazine. You can find the online edition of the article here. Can't wait to get the tear sheets to add to my portfolio.

And, if all the above wasn't enough to put a smile on the face, this morning's first email was from a client agreeing to license a single image for a fee of $2k.

All this seems a little funny in retrospect, seeing how in previous entries to this blog, I've been worried about the downturn in both the local and global economies and the impact on my business. For now, all seems well in paradise. This business can be like a severe case of manic depression... feast or famine. One day you're wondering where the next assignment, the next studio rent check, the next mortgage payment will come from... the next day your swamped with great assignments and wondering how you're going to find the time to meet the deadlines and still turn in work with some creativity & technical competence. All that I can say is... for now... it's CR city for me. (With all apologies and thanks to Bay Area photog Thomas Broening for introducing me to and allowing me to steal the use of his term.)

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