Thursday, July 24, 2008

Free Portfolio Review

Well... not exactly... but, a couple of days ago, I posted a link to Leslie Burns-Dell'Acqua's outstanding Burns Auto Parts website. You may remember that Leslie is a high-power photographer's consultant and blogger. A couple of days before that, another link was posted to freelance art buyer Caitlin Ravin's An Art Producer's Perspective blog.

Today, checking in at Caitlin's site, I find this link to the website for Photo District News. If you follow the link, it leads you to a series of three short videos where PDN "listens in" on a portfolio consultation between Leslie and photographer Jamie Kripke. In this video, Leslie discusses with Jamie how to best tune up his marketing efforts by critiquing and offering suggestions on how to improve the presentations of his portfolio, website and his work in general.

So... not exactly a free portfolio consultation tailored to you or I, it's quite interesting nonetheless and worth having a look at for any of us interested in stepping up our game and attracting better assignments.

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