Monday, November 17, 2014

The Manta Mae

Before I share anymore of the shipboard adventure, I suppose I should show you photographs of our home at sea during the journey.

The Manta Mae was commissioned and built in Manado, Sulawesi, Indonesia by Bugis shipbuilders... a culture of renown seamen and shipbuilders, the best in Indonesia. The Bugis (pronounced Boo-Gee) are also the people from which the mythical "boogeyman" derives his name... as this sub-culture has also spawned fierce pirates and other sea-borne criminals. The ship is approximately 100' long, built of teak, double masted and rigged with all black lines and maroon sails. The boat comfortably sleeps 10 plus a 7-member crew. There are 3 double bunk cabins, a captains stateroom below dech at the bow. All bunk and state rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and small, flat-screen televisions. 

The Manta Mae is also equipped with a small but luxuriously appointed kitchen, the bathroom walls are lined in lapis lazuli and quartz sculptural reliefs of planets and body parts of nicely shaped women. On board also is a washing machine, a water de-salinization plant and Nitrox Air Compressors for extended deep water diving. A jet ski, two overpowered inflatable zodiac dinghies and several kayaks are stored on the top deck above the wheel house and lowered and raised to the water via a built-in crane. Satellite communications, including internet and movie programming, a full bar, a 50" flat panel TV and an on-deck Bose surround sound stereo system are also included.

Here are some photos of our floating home:

The Lounge

Captain's Stateroom
One of Three Double-Bunk Cabins
En-Suite Baths For Each Double Bunk Cabin

Next Entry: No Land In Sight/First Port of Call...

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